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----- Web Projects ---------------

In the late 90's I took web design, and in 2000 I worked for Pacific Web, a California based web design firm located just north of San Francisco. This was one of the best places that I had ever worked. The team was great, we got along superbly and I learned so much while working with them. Although I knew the basics in web design coming out of college, I soon learned that I really knew nothing when starting. My eyes were really opened that you do learn most of what you need on the job. To me college education is important, but I do not put as much stock in it since experience is more valuable to me.

Although I do have my regular job, I do build websites for others on the side although I do not advertise. All the work I receive is by word of mouth. I have listed below several different websites that I have constructed over the years.

Cash Register Store

Online retailer of cash registers and related supplies. I often update this site as there are always new products on the market.

A company offering insurance contracts, promotional products and golfing resource information for golf events.

Zervos Salon

Nick Zervos the owner of a local hair salon wanted a web presence to announce his new store and inform his clients of services and other pertinent information.

Old World Salvage

Friend of mine in California who wanted a website to present to his clients his unique and constantly changing products.

This site is no longer online, but was built as an information source for Sampos and Quickalink. Both products were for POS applications.

Glass Shield Europe

This site is no longer online, but was the business of a friend living in Italy. The purpose of this site was to promote impact resistant tint for glass.

WM Bookkeeping

Another friend of mine in California who wanted a website for his personal bookkeeping service. This was one of my first projects ever.

Buy Casio Cash Registers

A website dedicated to Casio cash registers only. This is a division for

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